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IV-0001 Mosquito pupa whole mount
IV-0002 Locust thorax section
IV-0003 Bed bug female
IV-0004 Earthworm pharynx cross section
IV-0005 Locust abdomen showing parts of the male reproductive system
IV-0006 Honey bee mouth parts
IV-0007 Earthworm section longitudinal section
IV-0008 Starfish Asterias species arm cross section
IV-0009 Ant exoskeleton
IV-0010 Cockroach wing
IV-0011 Cockroach leg
IV-0012 Giant roundworm ascaris eggs
IV-0013 Dog tapeworm
IV-0014 Earthworm structure heart region cross section
IV-0015 Hydra whole mount
IV-0016 Planarian flatworm showing digestive tract