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HP-0001 Adenocarcinoma of the human lung
HP-0002 Benign breast tumour
HP-0003 Appendicitis
HP-0004 Mucinous carcinoma of the stomach
HP-0005 Ovarian cysts
HP-0006 Colon cancer
HP-0007 Malignant melanoma of the liver
HP-0008 Adenoma papilloma of the rectum
HP-0009 Antrochoanal nasal polyp
HP-0010 Benign prostatic hyperplasia
HP-0011 Cervical ectropion
HP-0012 Chronic gastric ulcer
HP-0013 Cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma
HP-0014 Cutis lepromatous leprosy skin section
HP-0015 Genital wart
HP-0016 Carcinoma of the oesophagus well differentiated squamous disease
HP-0017 Kidney advanced amyloid degeneration
HP-0018 Metastic epithelium of the bladder
HP-0019 Ovarian teratoma or dermoid cyst
HP-0020 Simple goiter
HP-0021 Transitional cell cancer of the bladder
HP-0022 Gastric adenocarcinoma well diff tubular
HP-0023 Thrombus blocking veins
HP-0024 Pleurisy of the lung