FP-0182 Cockleshell orchid or Clamshell orchid

FP-0182 Cockleshell orchid or Clamshell orchid
Description: Close-up of a cockleshell orchid or clamshell orchid (Prosthechea cochleata) growing in a hothouse in Wisley Gardens Surrey. The Cockleshell orchid is the National flower of Belize. Known as the Black orchid by the local people.
Keywords: plant, plants, flower, flowers, flora, floral, nature, botanical, horticulture, horticultural, orchids, Cockleshell orchid, Clamshell orchid, Black orchid, Prosthechea cochleata, Orchidaceae, epidendreae, dangling sepals, petals, hood-like, growing, close-up, colour, green, mauve striped, art, design, hothouse, Wisley Gardens, Surrey, United Kingdom
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